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Home Therapy

Where I differ from other therapists is that I offer a home visit service. This means that I come to you and we conduct the therapy session there.

While there are benefits to this, for example, it is often more convenient for you the client, it does have restrictions; the location must be appropriate; therapy should take place in an undisturbed and quiet environment (Therapy is not very effective if you have to keep leaving the room).

Things home therapy needs:

  • A quiet room with a comfortable chair.
  • 1 hour free from interruption


Home therapy may be good for you because:

  • It can be very convenient.
  • You might feel safer in your own home.
  • It might fit in better with your busy day. 


If you don't fancy home visits, perhaps you would prefer therapy in a more traditional setting?

Alternatively your therapy can be held in a traditional therapy setting. I currently use rooms in Kings Heath, South Birmingham.

The cost of these rooms will incur an additional £10 room rental fee.